Don't wait to check the weight!

At the recent National Motorhome & Campervan Show at Peterborough recently a workshop by SvTech ( reminded us about the importance of paying attention to the weight of our caravan or motorhome to stay safe, legal, and insured.  The payload limit is the amount of weight we can add to our caravan or motorhome to remain within the safe and stated limts.  This is set by the manufacturer; this information is usually on a plaque by the habitation door or in your owner's manual.  There are many acronyms to deal with regarding weights and limits, one of the most quoted is the MTPLM (Maximum Technically Possible Laden Mass), what used to be called Gross Weight.  Essentially this is the weight of the vehicle / caravan when delivered (similar to, but not exactly the same as, the Mass in Running Order), plus what we put in it - our bits and bobs, chairs, awnings, windbreakers, a case (or two!) of wine, beer, etc., and - in the case of motorhomes - ourselves, as the passen…

Alde heating system

We are now an agent for Alde and can offer fault finding and support with your Alde heating system... fluid changing service coming soon!

Easter is coming!

Many of us look forward to the start of the 'season' and the first chance to enjoy the improving weather at Easter time.  There is a lot of advice out there about preparing for the coming season but here are a few tips from us at Stanley Rose to consider....  These are just suggestions and probably already well known, and most people have their own tips as well.

1.  Check your tyre pressures and wheel torque settings before you go anywhere.
Check with the manufacturer of your outfit if you are not sure what these are.  Wheel studs can be too loose or too tight so the correct torque is very important. 
Tyres: advice differs but generally it is recommended that tyres between 5-9 years old should be changed; the tread depth may be very good but rubber breaks down over time and cracks can form, and these are not always easy to see.  Go to if you are not sure what your outfit's tyre pressures should be, or see your Owner's handbook or info…

Spring is early!?

It is only mid February but already the weather is already warm enough for the cat to sit outside sun bathing! It's a great time to start thinking about the season ahead and making bookings! Some friends of Stanley Rose full-time in their motorhome... sounds idyllic!
We have added opening hours to this page so you know when we are around to discuss arranging a service or repair or offer some help or advice. 😊